The same road

The road of childhood gives a different feel when walked a decade past childhood. 

Where once there has been heightened insecurity, now the fear of walking later into the night has lessen. Boldness comes as one grows in the strength of the muscles. 

Where once the houses have looked big and overwhelmingly adult, now they look smaller and more manageable. Sizes are perspectives and they change when one stands taller and straighter to be able to look things in the eye.

Where once there has been unwillingness to travel a few steps beyond what was the usual boundary, now there is only curiosity and audacity to walk further. Once, the length of walks were limited to the last house at the end of the road. Now, the last house is wherever your heart and the willingness to sweat take your steps. 

The road is the same. The length of the road, the tar on the road, even the landscape of the roadside grass.

But I. I have grown.

Bolder. Stronger. Tougher.


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